November 2020


November 2nd: LDAA Tuition Fees Due

November 6th - 8th: LDC to JUMP

November 16th: LDC & PAC Fees Due

November 23rd: Classes WILL be held at LDAA

November 24th - 29th: Thanksgiving Break - NO LDAA CLASSES


Calendar of Events - October

October 1st - LDAA Tuition Fee Due
October 15th - LDC & PAC Fees Due
October 26th - 29th - Halloween Week
October 31st - Mandatory LDC Saturday (1 Weekend Before JUMP)

Summer 2020

Summer Classes

LDAA will be offering small Dance Classes limited to one student per 200 sq ft per session.

LDAA is a large facility, studio A is 1200 sq ft studio B is 1440 sq. ft. With the retractable wall open we can accommodate a class of 12 and one instructor. Ample room for required social distancing. Each studio has its own HVAC unit therefore the studios do not share air with other studios. Each studio is able to be ventilated with outside air through either windows or opening door to the outside.

As for the Thursday classes, there are only 6 students allowed in the class at a time as we will only be using one studio instead of two. So make sure to register quickly!

Students will have their temperature checked upon arrival, temperature must be below 100.4 to be allowed to enter, work or participate in activities at LDAA

Disinfection of the studios takes place when there is a change in the student group.

Facial masks are recommended but not required for students

Facial masks are recommended for Instructors.

Class start and stop time will be staggered to avoid congestion coming to and from the studio.

Students should arrive dressed for class there won’t be access to changing rooms.

Students should bring their own water bottles. The drinking fountains are reserved for refilling water bottles only. The snack room has to remain closed.

Only one student at a time is allowed to use the restroom. 

Each family will be asked to sign a ”Waiver and Release of Liability” form to participate.

Parents should adhere to the drop off and pick up times. The lobby will be restricted to 4 people and the practice of social distancing.


December Events

December 2nd: Return from Thanksgiving Break & LDAA Fees due
December 6th: Velocity Convention / Competition Fees Due
December 13th: "Celebrating the Season in Dance" Dress Rehearsal
December 14: "Celebrating the Season in Dance" 3:00pm & 7:00pm
December 15th: Lakes at Litchfield Christmas Show 3:00pm
December 16th: LDC & PAC Fees Due
December 21st: Company Free
December 22nd - January 5th: Winter Break No LDAA Classes
Celebrating the Season in Dance 2019 newspaper ad


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September Dates!


September 2nd: No LDAA Classes

September 16th - 19th: Bring A Friend Week

September 16th: LDC & PAC Fees Due

September 20th: JUMP Fees Due

September 29th: 4th Annual Tutu Fest at Moe's BBQ from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

June & Summer

june & summer

June Dates

June 1st - Big Ballet Rehearsal
June 2nd - LDC Try Outs
June 3rd - June 6th - Last Week of LDAA Classes
June 7th - LDC & PAC Dress Rehearsal
June 8th - LDAA Dress Rehearsal
June 9th - 24th Annual Recital "Transcend Dance"

Summer Dates

July 8th - 12th: Tumble Camp II & Mary Poppins Themed Camp
July 15th - 19th: Tumble Camp III & Disney Prince & Princess Themed Camp
July 22nd - 26th: Tumble Camp IV & Descendants Themed Camp
July 29th - August 2nd: Tumble Camp V & SING Themed Camp


August 17th: LDAA Open House

April 2019


April Events


April 1st: LDAA Tuition Fees Due
April 5th: Yearbook Ads Due
April 5th - 7th: LDC Minis & Juniors to Greenville, NC for NYCDA
April 15th: LDC Fees Due
April 16th - 27th: LDAA Spring Break!! (NO LDAA Classes!)
April 20th & 27th: Company Free
April 25th: PAC Fees Due

March 2019


March Events

March 1st - March 3rd: PAC to Supply, NC for Beyond the Stars
March 4th: LDAA Tuition Due
March 9th: Mandatory LDC Rehearsal
March 11th: Showstopper Competition Fees (Optional for LDC)
March 15th: LDC Fees
March 15th - March 17th: LDC to Myrtle Beach, SC for Hollywood Vibe
March 25th: PAC Fees


Beyond the Stars Logo - PNG

February 2019

february website


Feb. 1st - Feb 3rd: LDC to Velocity in Myrtle Beach, SC
Feb. 4th: LDAA Tuition Fees Due
Feb. 15th: LDC Fees Due
Feb. 16th: Company Free Saturday
Feb. 22nd: PAC Photo Day
Feb. 23rd - Feb. 24th: LDC Photos
Feb. 25th: PAC Fees Due
Feb. 25th - Feb. 28th: LDAA Photo Week


january 19

January Events

January 3rd - January 6th: Mini Boot Camp

January 7th: LDAA Tuition Fees Due

January 15th: January LDC Fees

January 18th - January 20th: YAGP Atlanta

January 25th: January PAC Fees Due

January 26th: Mandatory LDC Saturday Rehearsal