Dance Like Yo Daddy

PAC is an opportunity for our students to explore the world of competitive dance without having to take on a schedule as rigorous as the LDC dancers.

Beginner students are welcome, providing they are taking at least three dance classes; two of Ballet and one of Jazz per week. Commitment includes warm-up and rehearsals on Fridays after school, and occasional Saturday rehearsals later in the dance year. PAC competes in up to three local dance competitions starting in March, and participates in the LDAA Holiday Shows and other community outreach events. It is strongly suggested that dancers train during the summer to continue developing and maintaining their skills and stamina. Although the highest scoring dancers are ranked according to their overall scores, it is generally emphasized that dancers are primarily competing against themselves:

  • To Improve
  • To recieve valuable critiques from dance professionals
  • To observe other dance competitors for learning experience

Instructor: Linelle Yates

Assistant : Briana Kowalewski