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The faculty, and students of LDAA are committed to sharing the love of dance with local, national and international communities. 


The purpose of Litchfield Dance Arts Academy is to offer top-quality professional training and recreational dance in an environment of enrichment and discovery. Mastery of dance skills develops self-confidence, poise, strength and self-control. Whether taking classes for their own enjoyment or planning for a future career, LDAA students gain the knowledge and physical discipline required. The school demands the best of each student, expecting that each one works to his/her potential. In return, LDAA provides the care and attention each student deserves. The physical well-being of the student is of primary concern to the school, and teaching methods are based on injury-free training.


Versatility is demanded by current trends of the professional dance world. While based in the tradition of the art form, the school is progressive in keeping with those trends. An expansive, multi-disciplined program is offered which includes ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, creative movement, tumbling, and hip hop. Classes are offered to complete a full schedule of classes for students from 18 months to adult.


The fully accredited, professional faculty stands as the foundation of the school. The high standard of instruction is based upon the faculty’s individual and collective years of international professional performing and teaching experiences. LDAA offers the finest teaching staff in the area.


To ensure the highest quality of training for each student, effort is made to base placement on both age and skill level, combined with individual potential and technical proficiency. The Litchfield Dance Arts Academy student is placed in the class where he/she can most benefit. Evaluation and placement is made by the Director.

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