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The Litchfield Dance Company (LDC), is split into two competitive levels. LDC Excel competes at the recreational competitive level. LDC Elite competes at the advanced competitive level. Placement is made by the Director. Both teams are required to take a certain amount of classes each week. They also have additional rehearsals. LDC is for those striving to become more accomplished in their performance.


LDC Excel is for the dancer that would like more than recreational classes but is not ready for LDC Elite.  Our Excel program is a stepping stone to Elite. 


LDC Elite is for the dedicated and serious dancer. Elite is a program designed to help dancers excel and prepare them for the working conditions and expectations of a professional career, in dance or otherwise.

The company travels throughout the Southeast to several competitions a year and participates in studio showcases throughout the year as well as participating in community outreach programs. LDC is an award winning company both regionally and nationally. 


LDC requires increased financial and time commitments as well as an increased commitment to dance. Members must desire to grow throughout the year and work towards attaining their highest level of technique.

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